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Stromer ST2 Pinion


The Stromer ST2 Pinion is a Speed-Pedelec (45 km/h) electric bike with a belt and 6-speed Pinion transmission, ultra-connected and equipped with a powerful motor delivering a peak power of 750 watts. What does this mean? You'll be off to a flying start at a red light and at your destination in no time, without breaking a sweat.

The Stromer ST2 Pinion is available in sizes M and L, light grey, dark grey and green (limited edition). Front suspension is optional.

Adjustable stem mounted as standard.

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From Tuesday, May 30 to Sunday, June 4

Stromer on tour

Come and try a Stromer for free at G-Passion. All the range will be present: ST1, ST2, ST2 Pinion, ST3, ST3 Pinion and the amazing ST7!
And a big surprise will be presented to you...