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Riese & Muller Load...But why so much interest in cargo bikes?

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Cargo bikes like the Riese & Muller Load 4 are becoming increasingly popular in the city as they offer many advantages for urban travel. Here are some of the benefits of cargo bikes in the city:

  1. Transporting children or goods: Cargo bikes are designed to carry large loads, making them ideal for shopping, business trips, transporting children, or any other type of bulky load transport.

  2. Economical: Cargo bikes are much less expensive to purchase and maintain than cars, motorcycles or even traditional electric bikes.

  3. Environmentally friendly: Cargo bikes produce no greenhouse gas emissions, making them environmentally friendly.

  4. Health: Cargo bikes can also be a great way to exercise, which is beneficial to your health.

  5. Versatility: Cargo bikes are designed to carry different types of loads, making them useful for a wide variety of uses.

  6. Mobility: Cargo bikes can be faster and more agile than cars or trucks in city traffic, as they can often use bike lanes and bus lanes, and can squeeze through tight spaces.

  7. Adaptability: Cargo bikes can be equipped with various accessories to facilitate transportation, such as child seats, baskets, panniers, racks, trailers, etc.

In short, the Riese & Muller Load is an excellent way to transport loads in the city in an economical, ecological and versatile way, while promoting physical exercise and mobility.

G-Passion in Genval Cargo Riese Muller Load4 75 coal grey matt
Riese & Muller Load 4 - Bare chassis
G-Passion in Genval Cargo Riese Muller Load4 75 accessories three seats children footrest
Reise & Muller Load 4 - Three child seats
G-Passion in Genval Cargo Riese Muller Load4 75 accessories three seats children canopy
Riese & Muller Load 4 - Hood for children
G-Passion Genval e-bike Riese & Muller Load Cargo
Riese & Muller Load 4 - Hard carrying case
stromer on tour 2023 social media post kv 1200x600

From Tuesday, May 30 to Sunday, June 4

Stromer on tour

Come and try a Stromer for free at G-Passion. All the range will be present: ST1, ST2, ST2 Pinion, ST3, ST3 Pinion and the amazing ST7!
And a big surprise will be presented to you...